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Dr. Vosoghi discusses common Coolsculpting questions.

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Many patients wonder how Coolsculpting really works and are skeptical of a non-surgical procedure that truly can reduce unwanted fat.  Given the number of sham products from body wrap, to "laser" fat removal, to ultrasound etc. it is understandable that the general public is somewhat confused.  That is why it is imperative anytime you are investigating such products, to ask some key questions.

1)  Is the product at hand FDA cleared?

2)  Is there sound scientific evidence behind the technology?

3)  Are there patient testimonials and before and after pictures so you get a realistic expectation of what the product offers (keeping in mind most practices use their best results for their demonstrations)?

4)  Is the procedure safe and what are the side effects? 

Let's try and address these when it comes to the Coolsculpting procedure:

1)  Coolsculpting is FDA cleared and is the ONLY machine on the market that is allowed to be marketed for Fat Freezing.  At Cool Med Spa we have the absolute latest model of this machine from Zeltiq.

2)  There is a ton of scientific evidence for the efficacy of fat freezing.  It was developed by a Harvard scientist and has been scrutinized by multiple medical studies at academic and private centers throughout the country.  There have been animal studies and human studies by researchers and the results are published in peer review journals.  As a general rule, PubMed is the best resource for finding legitimate scientific research on any medical treatment and all our potential patients are encouraged to use it for honest information about any medical treatment they are interested in.  The bottom line is that fat cells are much more sensitive to freezing temperatures than our skin, muscle, and nerve cells.  Coolsculpting works by freezing these fat cells to a temperature that sends them the signal to die and release their contents (called apoptosis).  Studies have shown that although there are some early effects on nerve and skin tissue, these are short lived and resolved within a couple of weeks.  The fat cells though that have died never come back.  The fat that is released by these cells (adipocytes) is slowly absorbed by our white blood cells (the scavengers of the body) and disposed of slowly over time.  The end result is an on average 20-25% reduction in the fat layer thickness of the area treated.

3)  You can review the before and after pictures on our website or go to the main company website at  There is no denying that this procedure produces results.  In fact studies have demonstrated that 86% of clients see a noticeable improvement after one treatment.  Of course, some people may need two or more treatments in each area for optimal results.  Our consulting specialists can make this determination on an individual basis at your free consultation.  Our before and after pictures give you an idea of what you can expect from one or more treatments realistically.  It is important to note this procedure is not ideal for everyone.  If you are significantly overweight or obese, you are much better off losing some weight with a regular diet and exercise routine and using fat freezing on areas that won't go away with diet and exercise.  The ideal candidate in my view is a person who does eat relatively well and exercises regularly and wants to address smaller trouble areas around the belly, love handles, and thighs.  Some of our best results are seen in women who have loose fat and skin from one or more pregnancies.  That extra flap frequently does not resolve with exercise alone and Coolsculpting has the fortunate "side effect" of giving you some additional skin tightening (not an FDA approved indication of the procedure) in addition to getting rid of the fat.

4)  Coolsculpting is one of the safest procedures in existence that changes your body.  It does not carry the risk of infection, horrible scarring, or even death that comes with liposuction or other surgically invasive procedures.  It also has no real downtime as most clients are able to return to work the same day.  There may be some redness, burning, bruising, pain, and numbness that is rated mild to moderate for the first few days after the procedure.  In clinical studies, the vast majority of people did not have symptoms severe enough to cause an alteration in their lifestyle.   There were also a couple of early rare reports of fat solidification in the frozen area causing a small lump underneath the skin.  Later anecdotal evidence however has demonstrated that two minutes of massaging the area prevents this rare complication and it is almost non-existent currently.